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About Us


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Our primary goal at TehillimForAll is to supply a reliable platform to access Jewish texts. We aim to provide curated and personalized collections of prayers and studies to help you connect to Hashem in every situation life throws at you.

Our Mission

TehillimForAll was set up to provide a free-to-access prayer and religious study platform, to further the translation of religious texts and form a charity fund from which to disperse funds to people who need them for illness and death related costs.

Our Story

TehillimForAll was created L’iluy Nishmas Meri Guta bas Nosson A”H. Meri Guta, who went by Marilyn to her friends or “Bobby” to us (her grandchildren), was a loving, caring, and giving person.

Bobby loved her family very much and would show up to every family event with a smile and a sense of pride in whatever it was that her child or grandchild had accomplished. She would be there beaming just as brightly at a wedding or a kindergarten siddur party.

Bobby worked hard on strengthening her connection to Hashem. Right until the end of her life she would eagerly attend shiurim trying to absorb as much as she could and taking meticulous notes.

Bobby taught us the importance of giving back. She always had a smile on her face and would actively look for ways to help others. She would fly to Israel on a budget and stay in hostels even as an older woman so that she could volunteer there, bask in the beauty and holiness of Eretz Yisroel, and spend time with her son who made Aliya. Bobby was an accomplished artist and devoted educator, teaching art in the New York public school system for about 20 years. After retiring, she continued to help others, volunteering in the pediatric ward of North Shore LIJ Hospital. She eventually put in over 5,000 hours and was very disappointed when the Coronavirus pandemic caused the program to be put on hold. Giving charity was also very important to her. No matter what organization sent her mail or gave her a call asking for a donation, Bobby never turned them away empty-handed. Our family couldn’t have had a better role model. We have a lot to live up to and this site is part of our attempt to give back and do so.

During the last year of Bobby’s life, our family and friends would say Tehillim for her well-being. Many people did things in honor of her recovery including saying Tehillim and building their connection with Hashem. We struggled to organize and split up sections of Tehillim to say for her Refuah and thought there must be a better way. Several hours after Bobby returned to her Creator her grandchildren spoke. In utter devastation, they wanted to do anything they could to increase the merits that Bobby could have, now that she could no longer continue to perform Mitzvos. The idea for this organization was born right there, as it provided a way to continue Bobby’s Zechuyos while helping others who might be going through what we were. We hope to live up to the standards that Bobby lived.


TehillimForAll is comprised of several different features to make it easier for you to get more people to say Tehillim for your loved one in a time of need. The first feature that we worked on was the ability for a user to add a Refuah name to the site. This name shows up automatically within the Yehi Ratzon for Cholim, which is present on many different sections of the site.

Next, we worked on Tehillim Groups. You can create a group on the site, share its link, and have Perakim of Tehillim automatically assigned to anyone who joins, making it much easier to finish Sefer Tehillim without dealing with the logistics of assigning sections and worrying about if people completed their part. If you want, you can make the group public so that anyone can join without needing a direct link. That way, others can help even if they aren’t directly connected to the group. Furthermore, there is a live count of how many Sefarim have been read, how many Perakim are left in the current Sefer, and how many people are currently saying Tehillim in the group. These stats really help to encourage people to say more.

We also created collections of Perakim that are said together for specific reasons and occasions. We hope you find the site useful, and we are continuing to develop new features beyond Tehillim.

Why Donate

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference. While the site will always remain free, it does cost money to keep serving and developing new features. TehillimForAll is a not-for-profit organization, every single penny donated goes directly to developing and maintaining the site and helping others as defined by our mission statement. Please consider giving what you can to help us achieve our goals.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at